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The Magus Sisters appear as a boss at the top of the Tower of Zot where they are minions to Barbariccia of the Air, one of Golbez 's Archfiends. They attack using the Delta Attack, in which Sandy casts Reflect on Cindy and Mindy who use a level two elemental spell or Bio on Cindy, reflecting it on to Cecil's party. Cindy can revive her allies, and thus it is a good idea to concentrate the party's attack on her first.

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Strago grew up in Thamasa with his friend Gungho and together they would unsuccessfully hunt the beast Hidon. He was overprotective of Relm, whom some townspeople believe to be his adopted granddaughter, although it is never confirmed either way.

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Sandy appears a fire-elemental summon. Her special attack is Razzia , which deals fire-elemental damage to all enemies. All versions of Sandy are capable of going up to rank 7. Summoning Sandy costs 7 points from the Consumption Gauge. Sandy's stat growth is more focused towards increasing the strength and magic stats.

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FFD II The Magus Sisters appear as a summon. In addition to appearing as a group summon, each Magus Sister appear as separate Phantom Stones for the player to obtain. Each of their special attacks are based of their abilities from their Final Fantasy X appearance.

Strago's theme is named after him, and is the main theme played in the town of Thamasa. The theme is mixed into the ending.

Afterward, Strago explains his magical abilities to Terra and Locke, and agrees to help them find the espers. Relm wants to accompany them but Strago does not let her. She follows anyway, and catches up with them during their fight with Ultros. Together they find the espers and Terra convinces them to negotiate peace with General Leo and the Gestahlian Empire. The peace treaty is a trap set up so Kefka Palazzo could harvest more magicite and Strago and Relm join the others in the fight against him.

Strago Magus is a playable character in Final Fantasy VI . He is from the remote town of Thamasa , and lives with his adoptive granddaughter, Relm Arrowny. He is a Blue Mage , and is a Mage , one of the descendants of the humans who fought during the War of the Magi.

The three sisters return as bosses, and are fought in the Subterrane. They fight in the exact same way as in the previous game, and can be dealt with in the same manner.

Strago is a playable character. He could be recruited the Challenge Event Back to the Skies as the First Time Reward for completing the event's stage Phantom Train in Part 6.

During development, Strago had a 65-year-old wife named Lara. They had amusing arguments with each other claiming the other will die first, but she was cut from the game. [7]

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