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Date: 2018-01-11 13:20

The lawmakers would like to know, for instance, as do we all,“To what extent does the most effective solution vary by breach type, victim characteristics, demographics or other key factors?” They’ve also asked: “To what extent are the services offered determined by price?” and “To what extent are they determined by their level of protection?”

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Gizmodo reached out to Equifax with a list of questions about the data breach Thursday afternoon. No one from company has responded so far, but we’ll update when and if they do.

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While putting people’s minds at ease is certainly a service, it’s hardly a substitute for a genuine shield against identity theft.

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“It is a threat to our economic security,” Sen. Mark Warner tweeted. He floated several ideas for legislation to address cybersecurity nightmares like the Equifax breach, including notification standards for companies to tell consumers about hacks.

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It’s difficult to assess whether Equifax’s offer will actually help anyone. Despite its lengthy press release, the company has revealed next to nothing about the breach and the types of data stolen—beyond saying as many as 698 million customers might be at risk. The company didn’t disclose the breach for more than a month after detecting it, a decision which has drawn significant criticism. And the nature of the “website application vulnerability” supposedly responsible for the breach itself also remains unclear.

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