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Date: 2018-01-13 03:16

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Flying Type has an A+ for flying. However, just like swimming duck, that does not mean you cannot train flying because you are good at flying. Both swimming and flying type only have bonuses for both activities.

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If you succeeded, you will receive a huge amount of money, Arcade games, Domo-kun Shootout, a throne room and you can look at your evolved ducks.

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This Menu is at the left of Options Menu. In this Menu, you just click and see if you have unlocked Qualifiers or Finals race yet. For Qualifiers, they have different races, but is very easy to beat. For Finals, the game is medium easy and medium hard.

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Each side of the Game screen has a dispenser. The left dispenser has Super Seed which costs 65 coins. It greatly increases your duck energy. The right side is Seed that increases your energy level, which costs 6 coin.

Duck Life 8 is about jumping higher. You don’t need to a ramp to fly. Just a coil or maybe explosive. Put it on the bottom part of your duck and fly away.

The Witch Ducktor Store also has a lot of useful tools which will significantly increase your chance to collect coins throughout your adventure in the cave. Currently, there are four coin magnets available including Fire Bird, Golem, King Kong and Wind Rider. All these pets automatically collect coins that are nearby and can be quite handy if want to cover long distance but still collect all the rewards around you.

This duck doesn't really have any strengths or weaknesses, but it can kiss my cat, (good), if you train it right, and its second and third forms are really creepy, so that's cool!

Swimming Type is good at swimming, however that doesn't mean you cannot train him/her swimming. Without enough training, this duck still can lose in races.

Duck Life 6 is the game where you have to make this bird fly further and higher. It’s simple concept actually, but quite surprisingly, it’s addictive.

You can buy new stronger pet, accessories and other thing to add more ability into your duck. This way, you can easily beat the dungeon and your opponent.

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