Salmat letterbox distributor - Part 1 - Jobs

Date: 2018-01-12 08:04

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Yes, sadly thats how it works. The walkers who cause this problem are an elderly couple who I have told many times not to deliver early yet when I was driving on my way to pickup the kids from school, I see a whole street full of catalouges. I called them and their excuse was just a sorry. They did this a couple of times and because I don't want problems with my network manager (AR) I threatened to take off some dt's and since then, not one early deliver (they will do anything to keep their dt's).

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I'm an Area Rep, We only do Weekday deliveries now Tues/Wed, we no longer get the special one day deliveries anymore (They got lopped into our regular week ones, to make the company more money I assume, more money in their pockets and less in ours.)

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I'm thinking adding rubber bands to all catalogues will eat up extra collation time so not sure if I should just add rubber bands as I go when I find they won't fit in letter boxes but I suspect that will end up being most letterboxes for this many catalogues with some being quite large.

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It is unlikely given the ATO publicise what they are looking at each year. For contractors last year they changed the rules and companies have to report invoices that total over a set limit (forget what that was but it certainly didn't go as low as a one area catalogue deliver would make). It was designed more for catching people like contractor tradies that work under an ABN for companies without paying taxes or GST.

I've gotten to know the local supervisor quite well as we have another common interest. I don't deliver these catalogues.

Salmat are very strict not to combine outside catalogs with theirs. But the AR have become so poor at doing their wok with salmat i dunno if they would even know.
The AR in my area lived locally once, now the new AR is just over 66klms away and i cannot believe she travels to all these areas and streets to check.

Not ideal but I'm guessing they'd prefer the ones I have get out there than none at all. Have received all the major ones (coles, foodland, bigw, woolies)

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Re OHS sheets and policies, seems mostly to cover their ass as it does nothing for us when we are expected to deliver in all conditions, all areas, all times of day and night to fit in with their delivery window.

It would depend on how much you got. If it's your only job, and you actually earned enough to be paying tax ($68555) then it might be worth it to claim all the expenses.

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