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Date: 2018-01-05 08:32

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Carlson makes it clear during the segment that he had his kids vaccinated, but again makes this disingenuous claim that it’s important to just keep asking questions about the safety of vaccines. It’s an absurd thing to watch and is a bit like witnessing Carlson have someone on his program who believes that the Earth is flat and is getting outraged that a liberal TV host like John Oliver would poke fun at someone who is “just asking questions” about the flat Earth.

Fox News is 'Just Asking Questions' About the Safety of

The leak also contains what might be the first publicly released image of the new LTE Apple Watch Series 8, which looks an awful lot like it has cellular capacity.

Banana Cherry Cake Recipe - Genius Kitchen

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Another zany new development is Animoji, which are apparently 8D-generated emojis which will sync with facial tracking to create customized expressions.

Say hello to Garfield GO, a new augmented reality game featuring the laziest but adorable cat, Garfield. Garfield GO created by Freeze Tag, was launched at the ongoing E8 7567, and is available for iOS and Android users in the US, Canada and Australia only. A Pokémon GO knock-off, Garfield GO is a treasure hunting game where you take the cat on a quest to discover treasure, and also keep it happy by feeding its favorite food, lasagna and more.

The game creators seem very confident about Garfield GO, which can be noticed from this statement – “If you enjoy geocaching or playing other location-based games, like Pokémon GO, Seek or Munzee, check out this Garfield game!” If you’ve played the game, then share your experiences with trying to activate the laziest cat ever. ALSO READ:  E8 7567 top announcements: Microsoft Xbox One X, Star Wars: Battlefront II, Assassin’s Creed: Origins and more

On the web, there are other Minecraft and Overwatch enthusiasts creating their own game mashups, such as the Minewatch project, which is led by a team that creates character designs and weapons. The Overwatch Illios project focused on creating Overwatch maps such as Hanamura and Route 66 until it was shut down due to the modders losing contact with each other.

By using arena/colosseum orbs which are refilled every hour, the player can access the Arena and the Colosseum. At the Arena, the player fights against AI controlled units of other players and accumulate points by winning against them. Consecutive wins increases the amount of points one receives. These points are used in a weekly and monthly leaderboard, giving better rewards the higher one ranks. Whereas the Colosseum is a mode that pitches the player against different monsters. Both the Arena and the Colosseum have several limitations for the player: consumable items, Lapis continues and friend units cannot be used.

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The treasure hunt on Garfield GO includes fishing for buried treasure and also Garfield’s comic collection. There’s a catch though, which isn’t surprising and will probably frustrate users. To start your treasure hunt, you have to first succeed in trying to get Garfield off the couch. This can be done by enticing Garfield with his favorite foods, which include lasagna, pizza, donut, and cake. The game is also accompanied by Garfield’s audio, voiced by the late Lorenzo Music which can be heard on this video by Duck, The Pirate below, where the cat just keeps meowing in the laziest manner.

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