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First name / Nickname: Leni
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Sexual orientation: Heterosexual
Country: Germany
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Add the sliced onions right on top of the beets.  Then, gently start to stir the onions and beets together.  You 8767 ll probably need to increase the heat at this point as we want to bring the whole pot back up to a low boil.  Once they begin to boil, keep stirring gently and let them boil for 5 minutes.

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DO NOT PRESS the center parts of the lids on the jars at this point.  You should start to hear that sweet little 8775 Ping 8776 noise as the lids start to seal.  To me that 8767 s the best part of the entire process.  You 8767 ve worked hard getting them to this point and that little ping as the air gets sucked out of the jar is a great reward in my book.  As the air is pulled out, the center of the lid gets pulled down and it makes that 8775 ping. 8776   I love it!!!

Since you 8767 re probably crying ahead and take the extra time to fully separate the slices.  It will just make it easier to add them to the jars once we start filling the jars for the canner.

Here 8767 s pretty much where my plan for cooking the beets went wrong.  After adding the larger beets, I quickly realized that THIS pot wasn 8767 t going to be big enough.

First name / Nickname: Vicky
Gender: female
Age: 99
Sexual orientation: Heterosexual
Country: Other Countries
Height: m
Hair Colour: Black
Cup size: 85 C
Profession: habe ich

Add the vinegar to the pot.  You must be sure you 8767 re using a vinegar with 5% acidity.  It will tell you right on the bottle.  This is recommended for any type of pickling you will do.  I 8767 m using the White Vinegar as opposed to Apple Cider Vinegar.

Thank you though for sharing your results and for taking the time to comment. I greatly appreciate it and wish you nothing but continued growth and success as you move forward with your canning adventures. Perhaps you 8767 ll let us know how the next batches turn out. Do visit with us often and keep up the great work with your home food preservation projects. Be Blessed!!! -Steve

As for the liquid, I guess the biggest thing there is again, just doing your best. You 8767 d certainly need enough liquid to come close to keeping them covered. I think it just helps them to cook more evenly. I use a slotted spoon to place the cooked beets in my jars, then I fill them up with the hot liquid. I pack them full with beets first, because I know I 8767 m going to be entering them into competition. If the jars aren 8767 t full, you can sometimes see the product floating up to the top and just liquid at the bottom of the jar.

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